Welcome to Uncontained Studios

Who are we and What are we about?

We are an inventive team of Creatives, Musicians, Song Writers, Musical Composers, Arrangers, and Visual Artists

Who are engaged in the creative process of producing, developing, writing, and seeking out original groundbreaking music and musicians.

Taking inspiration from the newest to the most ancient musical formulas.

We believe that this innovative exploration will have a uncomparable effect on the present age of music and art. 

Enhancing the projects and people we are partnered with. 

We are here to encourage and work along side artists and collaborate inside their visions and endeavors. 

Be it a single song, or a whole album.

Arrangement, composition, or compilation. 

A music video, a moving soundtrack, or potent poetry. 

Our goal remains the same.

To capture and enhance your creations with dedication and passion, to the best of our abilities. 

While we can encourage your project goals and timelines, we will always be mindful of the artists (and our) journey of nuturing and witnessing the craft unfold naturally. 

And man do we love to watch that happen. 

When people and productions blossom into their fullest potential.

There‘s no containing art, 

and there’s no containing you.

Welcome to Uncontained Studios.

Live Jam wants to sign and support artists we believe in

Uncontained studios is a branch of our Record Label and Umbrella company, Live Jam. 

When you come and record at our studios and we believe in your project (and you), we are open to support, partner, and equip you the best we can, as a part of our team. 

We’re all about collaboration and creation.

We are stronger together, and we believe that we all have something to offer each other, in the world of artistic expression.