New School


Pair of Slate ML1's and ML2's

You know we had to go back to the future like Doc to get these large-diaphragm mic's 

Vivaciously and virtually versatile, These little black cats have shock-mounted, gold sputtered, 6-micron capsules and a mind-blowing FET circuit path that ensures the most linear, flat, and clean ‘blank canvas’ response you could want.

Telefunkin CU-29

The Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead large-diaphragm tube condenser mic gives you warm, clear bass, detailed midrange, and the silky high-end airiness of all your favorite microphones and then some. Telefunken gave the CU-29 a fixed cardioid polar pattern.

 This has been one of our go-to mic‘s for everything from vocals to drums.

3 Zigma Audio CHI HA/FX

The CHI HA/FX is the transformer-coupled version of 3 Zigma’s original CHI modular microphone. It matches the performance of the original CHI, and adds both a 3-position pad and a 3-position high-pass filter.
Both CHI designs are detachable-capsule microphone systems using a pencil-mic form factor. Both accept the full range of 3 Zigma’s interchangeable capsules, including both large- and small-diaphragm designs.
...come in and check out the rest our collection 

of new school mics!

Vintage (G)ear Candy

Vintage Neumann U-87 (Modded/Rebuilt in LA)


60's Vintage Modded and rebuilt by Stephen Paul Audio in Los Angeles, California

Having a solid, beautifully defined sound that sits easily in the track, this has been a staple in both classic and modern music (Marvin Gaye to Jay Z) 

Royer Ribbons


When it comes to capturing an acoustic/instrument sound, it doesn't get much better than the vintage Royer Ribbons. (Maroon 5/George Straight/Eric Clapton/Dream Theatre)

Extremely sought after, and highly desirable, and let me tell you, the proof is in the pickup.

These guys have aged like fine wine and they’re just the tip of our cellars. 

Pair of AKG C414's


AKG for decades has been bringing the heat when it comes to microphones,                                                                                      but nothing takes the cake like a breathtaking pair of C414‘s.

(Just ask Chris Martin from Coldplay)                                                                  

And then we went and threw some C12 Capsules on them... Because why the heck not?

Here at Uncontained Studios,

We're extra in all the right ways.

Vintage Neumann U-47


One of the legends, our rare vintage Neumann U47 is both expensive and impressive.

(Elton John and Beck think so too)

Able to put a timeless splash of German brilliance on practically all musical elements,

the U47 has stood the test of time and reminds us that some things you just can’t replicate.

(specializing in lows/mids)

...Just wait till you hear this thing, and many more of our vintage microphones.

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