Goals and objectives:

Live Jam is developing, writing and seeking out original and groundbreaking musical and artistic styles by using the newest and ancient music theories.
We believe our movement will have an innovative and profound effect on this present age of music.

Vision Statement:

The Live Jam model is developed through music and the arts to promote a transcendent cause, a mission that lifts us beyond ourselves, and a passion that stirs us to self-sacrifice and causes us to contribute to the larger community in every aspect of our lives. Changing the atmosphere! 

It’s the traveling through this process that brings change in subtle pieces, incrementally reshaping the market landscape through music and the arts.

Live Jam‘s musical styles will be targeted to appeal to listeners.
Live Jams mission, hope and desire is that its music and arts collaborations will reach a worldwide audience. Its music conceptions will be a primary ingredient, a force that can be infused into the entertainment marketplace, to improve individuals and communities lives through the universal language of music. Delivering a spiritual dynamism of hope and peace that will change the world. 

Live Jam believes that these musical contributions will influence a seismic shift in the evolution of today’s music.